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QCrypt 2016 in Washington, DC Edit

NEW - Reserve a time for your working group to meet at QCrypt 2016! Edit

There will be a small discussion room where you can meet, outside the main auditorium. You can sign up for any empty slot in the schedule.

(Note, this room must be left open for the poster sessions on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.)

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
10:20 Coffee Security of CV QKD Coffee (At 10:40) Coffee Coffee
10:50 Security of CV QKD (At 11:10)
12:05 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
1:40 (At 2:15) AIT QKD Software Workshop Free afternoon
3:15 Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee
3:45 AIT QKD Software Workshop (until 5:15) Poster session Poster session
5:00 Poster session Poster session

Quantum cryptography research community Edit

Events, news, working groups and more in the quantum cryptography community. Edit

This wiki is associated with the annual meeting QCRYPT ( and also facilitates the meeting of working groups at the event. If you are a researcher in quantum cryptography, join a working group, go to its meeting or take the initiative and set one up!

You can also post jobs here, list your institution, post upcoming events,...please feel free to create additional pages :)

This wiki needs your help - contribute!

Activities Edit

Quantum cryptography is a very active field of research, involving researchers from physics, math, computer science and electrical engineering who aim to design and build quantum crypto devices, applications as well as a large scale quantum network.

NEW - Reserve a time for a meeting of your Working Groups at QCRYPT 2015 in Tokyo! Edit

Latest activityEdit

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Real-life implementations.

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